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We’re part of a Wine Cellar Design & Build engineering company (http://1stop.com.hk) in HK. Now, we’re extending our business to small wine storage.

1Stop is helping Wine and Cigar lovers around all districts in Hong Kong by providing Wine and Cigar related products, such as wine rack and cigar humidor. One of our mission is to protect the environment, so we adopt Eco friendly materials in stead of wood. Most of our products made by different type of Bamboos.​

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Bamboo is one of the world's most abundant and sustainable natural resources. This renewable material can be used in anything from clothing and tableware to rack and storage box! It's a common misconception that bamboo is a species of the tree...but it's actually a grass plant! Bamboo is considered a sustainable material as it can be harvested in a significantly shorter amount of time than most commercial plant species, and can be grown without needing to be covered in harmful pesticides or use as much water. Often recognized as the fastest growing plant in the world, some Bamboo species can grow up to one meter a day. This regenerative plant works to remove CO2 emissions, is naturally pest-resistant, and can even rebuild eroded soil. Bamboo plants also produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees!
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Eco-friendly Products

Let's save our earth together!

Why we should choose Bamboo product?

1Stop Wine Storage - Hong Kong Bamboo Wine Rack Cigar Humidor
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